Pantone Colour of the Year: Examining Brand Colour Trends

The global authority on all things ‘colour’, Pantone, has named 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as its 2024 Colour of the Year (COTY).

Pantone Colour of the Year: Examining Brand Colour Trends
Giles Taylor writes for W/Brand Design Blog
Giles Taylor, May 02, 2024

Introducing Peach Fuzz

More than just a shade on a spectrum – the Pantone colour of the year has become a cultural statement. One that ties in current trends with meaningful symbology.

This year, this pristine pastel tone expresses a heartfelt desire for togetherness. It creates a world that nurtures kindness and connection with a soft and tender, cosy warmth that cocoons with an all-embracing spirit.

Peace Fuzz is a light and comforting colour that sits somewhere between pink and orange. The shade marks Pantone’s 25th anniversary of the Colour of the Year programme. And Laurie Pressman, vice president of the institute, says that the hue showcases our “want to be close to those we love and the joy we get when allowing ourselves to tune into who we are and savour that moment of quiet time".

The Benefits of Using a Trending Tone

So, how can we leverage the power of this peachy-perfect hue and slot it into the branding of your company?

By adding this delicate tone to your brand logo or brand colours, you can express the same powerful sentiment and meaningful closeness to your audience. By selecting a shade that conjures up happy feelings and evokes a cosy tranquillity (like Peach Fuzz!) – you’ll instil this sentiment into your audience, too. And who doesn’t want to create a close bond to their clients and customers?

But what are the other benefits of aligning your own brand scheme to brand colour trends?

First of all – relevance. It shows that you’re up to date with the newest trends and cultural movements.

Being relevant puts you a step ahead of your competitors and will make your brand more distinctive in the heads of your consumers.

In terms of Peach Fuzz – this hue boasts versatile superiority. It’s effortlessly complemented by a range of dark and light tones, as well as black and white. Use it to accent dark colours and warm up your branding, or let it add a punch of vibrancy to colder hues.

How to add Peach Fuzz into your branding?

Whether you want to show off this shade front and centre to all of your customer-facing materials or simply let it lend a contemporary touch to your colour scheme, here’s how you can add it to your company:

  • As your primary shade – running this colour scheme throughout your company branding will instantly make this pastel peachy tone be seen.
  • As an accent colour, maybe you’ve already got an established brand colour palette. That’s ok – you can weave the tone through your current scheme, adding it subtly into different elements for a fresh, switched-up style.
  • Adding it to specific marketing materials and projects. Maybe you’re not quite ready to leave your old colour scheme behind. (We definitely understand the importance of keeping a refined colour palette!) In that case, why not keep your brand colours the exact same and instead experiment with using new hues throughout your biggest campaigns?
  • Gradient into peach. If your brand tones are anything on the colour chart between cream and red, then you can subtly gradient into the colour of the year. This also lends an extra edge and dimension to your scheme. It also means that your current brand colours remain the same and easily identifiable.
  • Customise your colours. Peach Fuzz is a specific tone with the right amount of light and darkness. However, if you’re struggling to make it work with your scheme, you could get a designer or branding agency to help you discover a brand colour idea. A shade that would slot in, more seamlessly.

Whatever you plan on doing, keep in mind that your logo serves as the beacon of your brand’s identity. It’s the visual symbol that your audience has come to associate with who you are and what you do. Whether you hire a top-notch digital designer or take the job on yourself in-house – make sure that your brand colours and logo reflect your business, your mission and what you do.

Brand Logo Colour - Case Studies


The ‘resting’ colour and brand logo for Spotify is a bright green hue. This ties in with the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year, which was greenery. This bright shade conveys the brand’s growth and vitality. It demonstrates the brand’s new and unique stance on music streaming services, too.

Green is often linked to balance and harmony. Within the realm of Spotify, this association could suggest a harmonious connection between their users and the music that they listen to and enjoy.


In 2021, the Pantone Colour of the Year was actually two independent colours. This highlighted how different elements can come together to support one another. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow were described as a marriage of strength and optimism.

Chevrolet also uses these two tones in their logo. The hallmark stamp has been varying shades of yellow throughout the years, from golden tones to bright yellow. The current badge dons a vibrant tone, similar to Illuminating Yellow.

This duo of hues works brilliantly for a car company. Grey is symbolic of solid and dependable elements, as well as long-lasting strength. Illuminating yellow lets the brand’s ethos shine through – a happy and bright company with a sunny outlook.


In 2018, the Pantone Colour of the Year was Ultra Violet. “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.”

A deep purple tone is (and always has) been used by Yahoo. When the company first began back in 1994, many other tech giants were using blue and green branding and so purple differentiated them. But this bright hue, as described above, is perfect for the tech space as it portrays a forward-thinking and dynamic mind.

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Giles Taylor writes for W/Brand Design Blog

Giles Taylor

Giles is the founder and creative director for W/Brand. A graphic designer from Reading in Berkshire, UK, he's a dad with two wonderful children who enjoys walking and playing the guitar.  

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